Logo Design

One major component of your brand is the logo. An instantly recognisable logo is a powerful marketing tool for your business. It is the ‘face’ of your company, representing what your company stands for, making a statement about: quality, service, reputation, credibility, trust.

The best logos – the ones that give the viewer an immediate and clear sense of “you” – are clean and uncluttered. In general, less is more and simplicity is more impactful. Logos are used in a variety of ways, on different platforms and in various formats and sizes, so fine details will be lost. A strong logo will have few elements, each of which can be identified easily and integral to what you’re intending to communicate.

A logo should be easily recalled after just a glance. A glance, after all, is typically all your logo is going to get from most people. It should stand for something singular, and it should be easily recalled if, after a person looks at it, he or she can immediately describe its basic elements.

Nowadays, a lot of the logos we see have been overly stylized. A logo that is complex, fussy and entails multiple parts and pieces is difficult for the viewer to “get” and, as a consequence, easily forgotten.

Whether you are a start-up or an established business whose branding is looking tired, no longer reflecting the values of your company, we can help.

The logo design process starts with us having a meeting with you, where we find out all about you and your business. We then, with the help of this information, develop design proposals which we present to you backed up with a clear outline of our thinking and reasoning behind our designs. This is an important part of our work, as without solid reasoning our designs would not meet all the requirements for a strong logo.